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    Simulation of shaft due to rotation with bearing

    Kiyarash Rahbar


      I want to simlate stresses on a shaft due to rotation. This shaft is supported by two bearing. I am aware that there are two types of bearing support1-connector 2-fixture but I dont know when to use each of them and HOW. I appratiate any comments regarding to HOW to apply these two supports?


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          Jared Conway

          Do you care about the shaft or the bearing or the bearing support?


          Is the shaft symmetric about the axis?


          What is the loading condition you are concerned with?


          The reason I ask is because in simulation the closest thing to a rotational load is centrifugal which applies a body load to the part. This is only appropriate for certain problems. Motion can tell you able imbalances at the restraints when rotated.

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              Mohamed Abdelnaby

              actually I have the same question and the aim from my analysis to estimate the reaction forces at the bearing area so I can design the bearing arrangement .

              my assembly is shaft supported by tow bearing and there's pulley overhang and the shaft is rotating by speed 500 rpm.

              I had attached photo for the assembly, I planning to modify the bearing arrangement but I want to find out how I can prove the deference or analyze to show the deference.