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    control authentication without specific login

    Laura Whittle

      We use the windows active directory to control our users list.  We have a department that has one computer that many people use.  It has a windows logon called general. 


      However we want to have each individual signoff on training documents via ePDM.  We cant create a ePDM user since they do not have a windows login.  Any ideas on how to do this besides adding a windows login for each person in the department?  

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          Richie Yosten

          The first thing that comes to mind is that you can pass transition comments to the data card.  If you trust the users to type their name (and only their name) it could work.

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            Ravi Teja

            EPDM does not support Mixed Login mode (Windows login + epdm Login),which i think was a possible solution to you problem.


            You can vote for this SPR on customer portal.






            Ravi T

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              Greg Rupp

              Hi Laura, what you are asking for is possible, our system is setup that way. If I'm understanding you correctly, you want anyone to be able to log into the vault with their Windows Login on a computer already logged in with a generic name ... right??


              Turn off automatic login. This should force the user to enter in a username and password.


              You might be able to achieve this by going to the administrator tool, then go to the Local Settings --> Settings. There is a tab for "Automatic Login"


              Ravi is correct in that you cannot create users in EPDM that do not already exist in the windows Active directory.


              Let me know how this turns out... My case may be slightly different because we are on two domains.