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Using Solidworks Electrical for Racecar Wiring Layout and Optimization

Question asked by Chris Halliday on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2013 by Joe Wilcoxson

Hi there,


I am thinking of modeling my race car in solid works. I would then also like the ability to use solidworks electrical to:


1. Layout the electrical components in my car model

2. Find the shortest route to wire each wire to minimize weight

3. Provide a finished scematic drawing on how the car is wired


Basically, i realize solidworks elec. will be able to provide me a scematic like I asked. Im just not sure after modelling my race car, if i can incorporate SW Elec into that model so i can see if a wire needs to go over,through frame components etc...If i can layout the wiring in my race car model, after ive made the model and done the wiring in the model, can i still pull a scematic drawing?


Hopefully that explains what im after. Thanks all!