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    Feature missing in assembly & EVEN in PART

    Jerry Pham



      When working with an moderate sized assembly, we mysteriously found that a part stopped to be shown in the window. It was always in the tree view, and we can go to "edit part" of the particular part, and when editing its features we can see the preview of the effect, however after exiting the feature editing window the feature is completely lost in the window without showing any error message.


      We googled and found there are many user questions regarding missing parts in assemblies. However, this problem seems not only caused by the part's being a part of the assembly. Even if we copy the part's corresponding .SLDPRT file into a different folder and open it, it still show the same problem as shown by the screenshot below.


      We also attach the .SLDPRT file here. Could someone open it and help to find out why the feature is not rendered?