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Parent Child in BOM for ERP Input (QAD)

Question asked by Jim Hefkey on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2013 by Greg Rupp

When outputing a BOM as a CSV file a heirarcial list is generated giving a decimal deliminated parent child relationship. These can be nested several layers deep - children become parents of other children which in turn can become parents........

Our ERP system (QAD) requires two columns, one showing the part number of the child and the other showing the part number of its IMMEDIATE parent, no matter how far down or up it is nested. The 'child' column is simply a copy of the 'Part Number' column but the 'parent' column needs generating.  I am struggling to do this in Excel ( I am not very familial with VBA macros).

Has anyone any experience or solutions?

Has anyone had to transfer Solidworks EPDM BOM's through Excel into QAD database input?