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    Compound Cylinder - Simulations

    Simon Daws



      As part of my Uni course I am looking to simulate compound cylinders, for high pressure vessels. To do the required FEA I am looking to use one small cylinder within a larger cylinder, the external fit over the smaller cylinder will be an interference fit, this will apply a compressive force upon the internal cylinder generating negative stress. When the pressure is then applied internally it will withstand a higher stress before deformation occurs.

      Is this possible within solid works? If so is there any information/ tutorials available to help me through?


      Thanks Guys



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          Jared Conway

          The standard simulation training talks about shrink fit. There may be tutorial on it. The take a look at nonlinear tutorials. You can use linear but he pressure load will be applied at the same time as your shrink which might cause an issue. Nonlinear will let you separate them.


          The trick will probably be to find a reasonable restraint.