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    Adding a Group as a ComboBox-DropList

    Joseph Lewinski

      We have a data card set-up for our ECx process.  I would like to add a drop-down list to the card that can access one our groups (Contributors/Editors).  The purpose would be to allow the originator of the change request to select one of the members of that group as the assignee.  I would really like to then add that person to an "AssignedTo" variable to have notifications sent to that person, eliminating the dynamic notification downstream in the process.


      I hope this makes sense.


      Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

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          Corey Hinman

          For the dropdown, create a new list with epdm group members listed.


          As far as sending emails based on a data card variable, you'll find a lot of discussions on this board regarding that. There's not a simple answer.


          There is 1- custom programming 2-Hard coded workflows to sort and send emails or 3-dynamic notifications. If you search in my old posts I show a method for using dispatch to read variables and populate a new email in outlook, but it's not 100% automated.

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              Joseph Lewinski

              Thanks Corey, but I was hoping for the dropdown, I wouldn't have to "hard type" the static list. I was hoping the the list could come directly from the Group Membership list.

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                  Tim Webb

                  Hi Joseph,


                  In 2010 I faced the same thing and wrote a vb.net add-in to handle it. Here is my original post. I was using a different company email then so that account is no longer active.


                  Here's what the add-in did:

                  • Used the IedmUserGroup5 interface and iterated through the group listing
                  • For each user, connected to the Active Directory server to query the email of the user
                  • Formed an email using data card variables
                  • Included an attachment for review in case they did not have access to EPDM
                  • Sent the email


                  Your case is different in that you need a form so you can select individual users. I tried that but found everyone in the group wanted to be notified so I opted for making the add-in email the entire group.


                  Best regards,


                  Tim CEPA


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                    Jason Capriotti

                    You can build a card list with an sql statement that queries the group and user tables, then yuo can select that card list in your form.

                    Here's the query we use (Note the group name).


                    SELECT     Users.FullName

                    FROM         Groups

                    INNER JOIN GroupMembers ON Groups.GroupID = GroupMembers.GroupID

                    INNER JOIN Users ON GroupMembers.UserID = Users.UserID

                    WHERE     (Groups.Groupname = 'Product Development Engineering' AND Users.Enabled = 1 and GroupMembers.ProjectID=1)

                    ORDER BY FullName



                    As for the notification, we had to write a custom add-in to email people by pulling their name from a variable.

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                  Kip Speck

                  I wrote a tool several years ago when I worked at Razorleaf that does exactly what you are looking for.

                  You can get it from http://www.RazorLeaf.com



                  Kip Speck CEPA