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    Edit length of break lines

    Adrian Cijevschi

      Hi everyone,

      Is there a way of changing the length of the break lines? In my case, because these lines are too long, the vertical ones are interfering with the bottom part of my drawing.

      Attached is picture of what I'm talking about.


      Thank you.

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          Edward Geiser

          I have the same question, but I notice that it's been a long time since this question was posted and there is still no response.  I provide an example image of my own.  The break lines take up a lot of valuable real estate on a drawing.  Anybody know of a method to reduce these lengths?

          EDIT:  Some information that might come in useful:  The main view is a Relative View oriented in a way so that I can view the plates on edge.  The part that the Relative View is taken from is a multi-body part and when the Relative View was made I selected only those bodies I wanted to see for the main view.  So there's a lot more in the part than what's shown and I think that the length of the break lines are a reflection of the overall size of all the geometry in the part that isn't visible.  It would be useful if these lengths could be modified.  Maybe an enhancement request was already made?

          POST-EDIT:  There is an existing Enhancement Request out there.  It's ER# 1-6702164896.