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    Dispatch Setting a variable for each configuration.

    Laura Whittle

      For all files we have a variable called description, but for various reasons we need to change to make a CAD specific variable called Configuration Description.


      We wanted to write a dispatch that will take the value in Description, and put it in Configuration Description so we can then delete the Description variable off of the CAD Data Card without losing any information currently in the Description variable.


      However when we test it, it takes one of the conifigurations description variable, and populates the Config Description variable for every Configurations.


      The Configuration Variable is not an updates all configurations variable.

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          Charley Saint



          Unfortunatly Dispatch doesn't handle writing variables to configurations very well. There's not really any obvious way to do this, but you might get away with using attribute mapping. Just make sure the Description variable is mapped to the Custom Property Description for CAD files. If it already was then you should be fine, if not check your files out and back in to write the values to them. Remove the mapping from the Description variable then add it to your Configuration Description variable (Generally it's not a good idea to map 2 variables to the same attribute at the same time, weird things can happen). After you check/out check/in again you should see the values populate. You might want to try mapping to $PRP Description for the initial copying of variables since it's read-only, but I never quite get that to work right... Either way test thoroughly before implementing or you'll be rolling back files or pulling old values from the database.

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            Joy Garon



            Do you always take the Description value from the same location? eg: the custom property tab (@)

            If yes, set it to a variable as shown:


            Then you can write to a specified configuration:



            Or, maybe I'm missing something?