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    Using ePDM to Track "Checklists"

    Kevin Stickels

      We are well on our way to implementing ePDM but, as Murphy's Law persists, questions have arisen. The change process is a bit more complex than I would like but the company is moving from Agile/ Product Center to ePDM and, as much as is feasible, wants them to act the same. My question is regarding what we term the CN (Change Notification/ Release) phase of changes. The Change Order is processed and approved, changes are made ot the models, assemblies, and drawings and the whole metadata is ported through an "adapter" (xml file) to our MRP system. Management has asked that I try to incorporate a checklist that used to be emailed with released changes into ePDM.

         At first, it was nothing more than name and date fields for each department to sign off that they had updated/ reviewed/ verified the data transferred to the MRP system. Now I have been asked to create checklists in the ECO data card where the various manager "checks off" each table he/she has to review. When all the checks are completed, the workflow state changes to the next department. The issue I have is that I was handed the Excel sheet that traveled with the "released" ECO and there are 188 separate checkboxes listed. Add to that each box will need another checkbox for "Not Required" and a name and date variable and the process gets completely ludicrous (188*4 = 752+ variables - Oh My!). Has anyone out there had any similar experiences and suggestions?  While I would love to eliminate or embed the checklist, it doesn't seem logical. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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          Amos Avery

          I would keep the Excel document for all of the check-off's.  This way you can have something to print off if you need it along the way.  Use a calculation in the Excel file that determines if the check-off's are complete.  Link a file property to that calculation field (e.g. Status).  Link your data card variable to the file property.  Setup an automatic transition in the Workflow which moves the Excel file to the next State only when the variable is populated correctly.  It seems like several steps to setup but it should work well once it is done.  You will need to teach people to check out and check in the Excel file to populate the check-off's, so there will be some training to make it useful.

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            Tim Webb

            Hi Kevin,


            Checklists are bad news unless they report "live" data. Otherwise, you will quickly become the guy wearing the biggest target on your back in your organization. I always recommend using live dashboards which happen to be my specialty.


            Take a look at my site here



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            My company can help you navigate through this. This is an easy and cost effective way to handle ECO's. All you need is a data card...with Excel.


            We can also program custom EPDM add-ins.