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    Mark Bierig

      Any ideas on how to do something similar to the image below in solidwork simulation?  I do not know what simulation program was used for the sample images.


      squeez 1.jpgsqueez 2.jpg

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          Richard Coia

          It looks like the two blades are coming in and "crimping" a circular cross-section tube.  I'm pretty certain this can be modelled in Simulation.  It would be a non-linear study using one of the elasto-plastic material models - Von Mises or Tresca.

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              Jared Conway

              Bang on. Check the tutorials, there is a pipe in a clip example that will show you the basics.


              Some tricks in sim:

              -use rigid pushers

              -make sure the tube is restrained in some way

              -consider using shells instead of solids for the tube


              You'll need simulation premium.