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Reactivation after computer meltdown ... VAR says no more sorry....

Question asked by Dean Viviani on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by David Paulson

We have destroyed one of our computers here for the second time and after asking for a second reactivation of our license our VAR ...?? will not do it as we are not on the maintenance program and it apparently costs quite alot.


Is their a way of doing this other than going through our VAR and forking out some cash for them to do it. Does going directly to Solidworks help ??


My boss is a little annoyed as he is of the opinion that we have bought the licence ... for a considerable sum....and reactivation should be a simple process without the need for VAR,s or anyone else. We have a licence which should work and he thinks we are being held hostage by solidworks and doesn't want to continually pay for upgrades etc.


Anyone else gone through this process or is it just a matter of biting the bullet and paying up .... grrrrrrrrrr.