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    Automatic Drawing of Mirrored Part

    Mike Pres



      Let's say I've created a quite complecated part and worked hours on drawing it.

      Now i need a drawing of its mirror.

      In order to save me another couple of hours, is there an option to create it automatically from a drawing I already have?


      Thanks ahead!

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          Atindra Singh

          Hi Mike,

          How've you created the miiror part?? 1) as a new part or 2) by creating derived configuration?


          To do the above functionality, create mirrored part by using derived configuration.

          So what you need to after making drawing is, just to change the configuration of the parent part to mirrored.

          Now everything (the dimention & annotations) will remain same.

          Try this I hope it will work for you.

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              Mike Pres

              hey Atindra,


              the mirrored part was created in an assembly and saved as was suggested to me. it's an automatic part which gets updated automatically everytime i change something in the original. i don't even bother opening the mirror, i have no reason to do it. i think it's neither of what you suggested.

              how can i make it a derived configuration? do i need to mirror the part about a surface, without keeping the original, save as a new config. and supress the new feature in the old config.? are you sure SW will able to process that and change all the drawings and measures correctly?

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              Suraj Sethi

              Hey Mike,


              Have you already created a drawing of the original part?


              If so, all you need to do point your drawing to reference the new "mirrored part." You can change the part that your drawing is referencing either by hitting File -> Save as on the drawing and selecting the "References" option at the bottom and browsing for the new part or you can also change the reference by using Solidworks explorer.