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    My new Firepro v4800 has no video on my HP Pavilion (???)

    Dave Krum

      Hi again,

      Just received an Firepro v4800 from ebay and installed tonight.  I also bought a 430w PSU to run the card.  I get no video at all to the monitor which has me baffled.  I already emailed the ebay seller requesting an RMA #.  Just wondering if anyone else on here has an HP Pavilion and runs one of these cards and had any issues.  I cannot even get video for POSTING on bootup, so I know that a driver isn't an issue.  The crazy thing is that even when the card is plugged in with its fan running, I can take the DVI connector out of the card and plug into the onboard DVI port on the motherboard and all is well.  When a PCIe card is inserted, I thought this automatically disables the onboard video controller.  Any ideas?  I'm looking to stay with a budget card that is better than the onboard junk I got now.  I got the v4800 for $69 shipped used which I thought was a great deal.  I wanted to get Realview enabled which the Firepro should have done.  Can't afford the Quadro's but I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the Quadros and Firepros are the only card that will allow you to run Realview.  Thanks for any help.