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Best restraints for a TEE

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Mar 6, 2013
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I have to do a structural analysis on a TEE according to ASME. I'm quite new to this code.

Here's a pic of it:



I have applied:

- internal pressure

- 3 end cap forces normal to counterbalance pressure (pressure times internal area of the pipe)

- A remote load on the top surface of the TEE (some moments and forces - blue symbol in the picture)


I don't know what restraints I should apply.on the two left and right ends of the pipe.

Some people suggest applying a remote load with zero rotations leaving free displacements on the end faces (left and right) of the pipe.

Some other people suggest restraining only rotation with a restraint respect to the pipe axis.See following pic:




I tried both solutions but they don't work. Due to the nature of the remote load shown on the picture I can't use symmetry either.


I'm attahing the model.


Any suggestions ?