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File Attachment

Question asked by Michael Konyak on Mar 7, 2013

Hey Everyone,


I have a question in regards to file attachment to the Design Binder.  I have done this in the past, attaching files (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) right into the Design Binder without linking.  For some odd reason, today I'm not able to add them without linking them.  Did this change over the last few version on Solidworks? 


The idea is to attach files such as vendor spec sheets or vendor part quotes to the Drawing or Model for future reference without having to store these files in a second location.  For example, one contractor works on the project and stores their information in their email.  3 months after they leave, we need to see this information and their email was closed out and removed.  Get the idea now?


Help please!


     Solidwork 2012 SP5.0