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    Need some help with conversion or rebuilding model...

    Hal Greene



      I asked this q in "Job Postings" but perhaps that was not the right forum. I don't see a forum for this exact kind of q so I'm asking it in what appears to be the most generic forum. Hope I'm not violoating some TOS.


      So here goes:


      have a bunch of fairly simple, relatively small 3D files that were created in various 3D modeling programs like ZBrush, Maya, Hexagon, and Blender, all of which have been successfully exported to STL and OBJ formats and 3D printed (they are watertight) but which now must be converted to IGES, or better, STEP format for further revision.


      The problem appears to be one of "solids" vs. "polygons." I have done some research and although it appears that in some instances certain programs CAN take a polygon model and interpolate it into solids, it is FAR from straightforward and with these particular models may not be possible at all (there is a fair amount of fine detail). So these models might not be "convertible," but may need to be redrawn from the ground up using a real CAD program like SW.


      My question is two part:


      1. If I can't "convert" them, should I just have them redrawn in SW? Some other CAD program? The files will eventually be given to injection molders to make molds from.


      2. How can I find someone who can do this for me, and what should it cost? There are 6 models and although they are not particularly complicated, they are fairly detailed.


      I am attaching a picture of one of the models.