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A serious error occurred on open macro file. The system could be in an unstable state now.

Question asked by Cory McHale on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Alexandre Lemay

SW VBA Error.png

So, this popped up when I tried to edit a VBA macro. I created the macro about a week ago, with SW 2013 SP2 on my computer. I exchanged it through Google Drive between my work PC and my home laptop. Worked fine on both machines. Today I wanted to nab some functions out of it to put in another program, and this error popped up. I always copied it out of my Google Drive to my harddrive, so I'm hoping I have a fairly recent copy on my home laptop. What am I missing here? Is there something I can do?



I added the .SWP file incase anyone else wants to give it a try. Make sure you save your work first.