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Problem with Revolving a Filled Area

Question asked by Giannis Gennarakis on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Giannis Gennarakis

     Hi there,


I want to make a solid hemisphere. I found the way to do it by making to hemicycles and drawing two lines joining them (as seen on the picture). Then, when I revolved the sketch by 180 degrees I realised the hemisphere to be hollow!! I then tried to find a way to make it solid. I went back to the 2-D sketch and filled the surface (Insert->Surface->Fill) inside the hemisphere. I saw some lines (which I don't know exactly why they appeared inside the surface) and I noticed that the hemicircle had become more of polygon (not an exact circle). I was OK with that since the difference was not that visible when I zoomed out, but then I had a problem revolving the sketch. I want to revolve it around a centerline but you can see on the picture the error that pops out. Any help and explanations on the above matter would be much appreciated!!! (as I have to fill many parts now that I realised that they are all hollow!!!)


P.S. I found online a video on how to make a bowl. (   ) But that procedure is way to long from where I am now, and I feel I'm close to making it solid!!