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    Help with a loft

    Mike Philipps

      I can not believe that I need help on this loft, but it is not working out.


      I need to control this part for use in a design table for different length pieces, so it has to be done so the final plane controls the length.  I am planning on mirroring the part so the formula would be a simple length /2. I can get the part to work but it looks completely wrong, although it does not bother me - it will cause some discord with other members of the corporation. This is only being used a visual item and needs to generate a part number. So thickness or weight do not add into the issue. I have tried to do thick, and surface attempts.


      The current model that we use involves an extrusion, loft, extrusion and a mirror. This looks fine, but can not be made to work with the design table for what we need.


      I have attached a pdf showing what the real part looks like, along with what the current loft is producing. I have also included the part sketch.


      I would appreciate any help onthis