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Help opening EASM files.

Question asked by Scott Sutherland on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by Jerry Brian



I am using the free EDrawings viewer to collaborate with an industrial design firm, so I can view what they are designing.  They use SolidWorks, and send me files with a .EASM extension.


If I open EDrawings (version, select Open, and navigate to the folder with the EASM files, select one, then okay, I get a small error box stating 'Error reading file'.


However, if I close E-drawings, Open a Windows Explorer window, navigate to the direction, and double click on the .EASM file, it opens the EDrawings viewer and successfully opens the EASM file.


Just a moment ago, in attempting to reproduce the error message box so that I could put the correct text into this email, I went to the already open EDrawing program window, which had my EASM file open, Closed the file, then tried to Open it again, and it opens.


I then closed EDrawings, reopened it by selecting it from the START Menu, then tried OPEN, navigated to my file, selected it, tried to Open it, and got the 'Error reading file' message again.


It appears that this is some sort of initialization issue with EDrawings.  Any ideas on how to fix this 'nuisance'?  I am using Win 7, 64-bit.



Thanks.  Please cc all replies to my work email,