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    2012 service pack download problems

    Chris Peters

      Hi All


      I am trying to do a fresh install of SWX 2012. When I insert the CD (SP 1.0) it warns me of an issues with file translations from SWX 2011 and to apply a Hotfix or later service paack.Capture.PNG


      So I let it do its thing and its tys to download the latest version (SP 5.0) but then tells me I am not entitled to it as my subscription expired in April 2012.


      I would ideally like to get the latest service pack to avoid any file conversion issues however I can't. I thought I would be entitiled to all service packs given that my subscription was still valid to get me on to SWX 2012.


      My local VAR is of no help.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I hate to say it, but your VAR is the right one to help you with this problem. They should be able to fix you up with the last SP that was released before your subscription ended. If they act like jerks about it, then ask to be put in contact with your SolidWorks area technical representative. That should get their attention. If they still act like jerks and won't put you in touch with him/her, try talking to another VAR for your region.


          Jerry S.