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Workgroup - checking in drawing from

Question asked by Michael Caulton on Mar 5, 2013
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We are a company that design factory equipment such as conveyors etc.


We have an issue where it take’s hours to check in drawings for and assembly and this renders the computer and engineer useless for the whole time. Our hardware throughout the company is very highly spec'd and we do use SW 2010 SP5 with workgroup PDM. When we check files out of the vault we dump them all into a single folder on the local computer drive. We do not remove from local when we check files in because parts are recycled a lot between projects. This results in a PDM dump folder of 25000+ files.


The typical "top level assembly" (can contain parts and multiple levels of sum assemblies) will have about 100-500 parts with lots of parts being common between other top level assemblies in other projects.


To check in the top level assembly and associated sub parts takes a few minutes so reasonably quick.


To check in the drawing we go to the top level of that particular machine and select check in ( as per above), search for drawings in our local dump drive which then tries to find the associated drawings. This step then takes hours. Once complete and the drawings are found one has to then check them in which takes a while but not too bad.


As there is so much inter connectivity between the machines we designs, when looking for drawings SW looks at every link which and all the parts in that linked assembly, so it very quickly have to do through a huge number of files and interactions.


To check in a single drawing is quick. Open drawing, check in, done. It does not look for interconnectivity etc. Realistically we cannot do this in general use because there is a large number of drawing, files and human error will mean things get missed.


All this time is lost productivity, so being able to start it off as they leave the office at the end of the day would be the perfect solution.




Is there a way to use the task scheduler, macro or similar to have each engineers computer go through the local PDM Dump folder and check in all drawings that they have ownership of if the vault copy is not up to date?