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Hyperelastic Material input tensile data ASTM D638 test

Question asked by Joseph Brinson on Mar 5, 2013
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I am having issues with my nonlinear static simulation. Prior to the simulation, I ran an ASTM D638 tensile test on a hyperelastic material to obtain stretch ratio Vs Stress data (Engineering) and inputted the (Engineering) data into the Ogden hyperelastic material tensile curve properties of the simulation. I defined the Poissons ratio, density of my material, and number of Ogden constants (4) but want the simulation to define them based on my inputted tensile data.


I modeled an ASTM D638 tensile test coupon to try and obtain the same results I reached via bench top. I defined a displaement control at the top of the sample to displace it 7.5 inches as I did on the Instron. And added a fixed restrain at the bottom of the sample. I also defined a distance Vs. time curve in the displacement control. After running the analysis I obtain stresses and strains significantly higher than the bench top test data I have.


Does anyone know what I can do to set this simulation up properly? Or what I am doing wrong?


I show my stress-strain curve from the benc top ASTM test versus what I got in the simulaiton and you can clearly see the difference.


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