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Best Practices for SW File/Folder Orginization?

Question asked by Justin Arseneault on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by Mark Kaiser

Hello everyone,


I am currently reorganizing my company's SolidWorks databse. I have some idea of how I want things set up, but I would like to get some other perspectives.


The parts we design are almost identical project to project and usually just change in terms of dimensions and orientations. Because of that, we maintian a set of standard parts in which assemblies reference original files as much as possible and seperate project folders which include copies all relevant parts, expect maybe those from the default design library. Project files do not reference back to any orginal standard parts. Standard parts are divided into sub-folders for each major assembly.


My supervisor has requested that only assemblies/parts representing products we sell remain in our standard parts, while reused components are put into the design library. As far as I know, the design libary cannot contain drawings, so custom made components may need a seperate location.


Any feedback on this will be much appreciated. In particular, I have read in a few threads that sub-folders can cause problems with solidworks referencing, so I am hoping to hear more about that.


Thank you!