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    Cutting surfaces

    Jason Roberts

      There are many tutorials on youtube showing you how to cut solid parts using a surface as a boundary. However I have a large knitted surface and would like to cut a unique shape out of multiple surfaces. Is there a way to sketch up a shape and use it to cut the surfaces? So far I've had no luck with just about every function you could think of (surface trimmer, delete surface etc.) It would be fantastic if there is a way to make an extruded solid and use that as a boundary to cut your surface.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you for your time and input


      The picture attached shows the surface and the general shape of the sketch that I want to cut out of it. Essentially I want to turn the coupe into a convertible.

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          Mark Kaiser

          Is that a 2d sketch?  I know you can trim surfaces with a 2d sketch.  See attached.


          If you can share the model with the attempted trim or bodies for trimming that would be helpful.

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            Jeremy Feist

            or you could use the sketch for an extrude surface, and trim with that.

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              Niven Le

              The problem with this file is that it has so many overlapping surfaces and faces and so many are unstitched.

              What I would suggest you to do is to use "offset face" to extract only the faces you need, then delete all the overlapping and not-needed surfaces. Then start stitching and trimming from there.


              Another quick fix is to hide all the surfaces but keep the Surface-Knit22 visible. That surface contains all the area where you wish to trim. Then start deleting faces.


              I attached the file using the 2nd method, but I strongly suggest that you clean up the model, keep only what you need and get rid of unnessary things.

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                John Burrill

                Jason, you're trying to oversimplify your solution.  You've got a collection of surfaces, some stitched, some loose-if the other posts are accurate and you're trying to trim them all in one shot with a sketch that's tangent to the windscreen chyne, approximates a boundary near an edges-maybe exactly, maybe not and  encloses a number of patches that don't even touch your boundary sketch.  These tools aren't good at guessing your vague intent. 

                Now, it looks like you want to make this porsche into a convertable and you've got a lot of faces and maybe surfaces that you aren't using.  I suggest deleting those either with delete body or delete face-depending on whether they're stitched to other surfaces.  Once you've done that you can use use 'trim surface' with your 2D sketch to remove the remaining pieces.

                I've looked through your model and it was constructed using a number of mirror-body features which were applied to whole car body surfaces instead of halves so the result was  you had a lot of surfaces duplicated on top of themselves. 

                If you supressed mirror 10, 11 12 and 22 and turn off all of the solid bodies then  you can procedure to delete the faces you want to remove and create your trim sketch.