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Renaming Files in Vault failure

Question asked by Jon Gourley on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by Daen Hendrickson

I am having trouble renaming files in our vault. My proceedure has been RMB->Take Ownership, RMB->Rename. After selecting Yes on the box that pops up warning that the references will be updated as well, i get an error stating the the file rename failed. Checking my vault log it simply shows "03/04/2013 10:01:30     (53)" . the description error 53 on the help website "PDMW_ERROR_TRANSACTION_COMMIT" doesn't really make much sense. After looking in the file structure on our server, I have found that the folder for the original file is still there. It contains only one revision folder inside "0". The revision 0 folder however is locked in windows and gives the error "Location is not available" "Access is Denied" when you try to open it. The first time we had this happen, I rebooted the server on which the vault service resides and that fixed the issue in windows (we were able to open the folder again). However, since then the issue has re-occured several times and we can't keep rebooting the server due to other services hosted on it. Restarting the vault service does not seem to have any affect on the folders being locked in windows.