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Hole Wizard in assembly, propogate to parts breaks it

Question asked by DAN HANGER on Mar 4, 2013

Does anybody use the feature 'propogate to parts' when using the Hole Wizard in assembly (or any assembly cut for that matter)? I've been trying to use it since it first came out a few releases back, and I always run into the same problem. After creating the feature, if I open one of the part files, return to the assembly and rebuild it, the feature goes dangling. If I edit the sketch (without doing anything), it goes back to normal. I can also 'edit sketch plane' without changing anything and it fixes it. But any time I have to rebuild, it breaks again.


Seems to me it's almost like a circular reference. If I create the feature in assembly and propogate to parts, when the part is opened and you see the feature there, that means back in the assembly there's nothing there to remove because it's been removed in the part, so it can't do the feature in the assembly now. If SW allows the function 'propogate to parts' then it shouldn't be circular, but it seems logical to me.


Every time a new release or sp comes out, I try it again because it would be a useful feature for me, but it's never worked right. I want the feature to propogate because I detail the part files in their own drawings.


Dan Hanger

Quality Mold, Inc.


SW2012 SP5