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    Upgraded to SW2013 but now it is unresponsive

    Marshall Bussen

      I had been using Solidworks 2010 SP0 ( ! ) for the longest time but finally upgraded to Solidworks 2013 in the new year.  However, I am finding that I am having performance issues when using Solidworks 2013 SP2.0 that I did not have with 2010.  Specifically, when rotating a part using the middle mouse button or zooming in and out using the center scroll wheel on my mouse, Soldworks 2013 seems to have a small "pause" before it actually responds to the mouse input.  This pause can be milliseconds but it sometimes stretches into full seconds, which can be extremely annoying.  It will also "jump" to where it should be so the zoom/rotate animation is not smooth but instead moves immediately to the current frame after the "pause" occurs.  During the "pause" the windows arrow cursor will briefly change to an arrow with a spinning blue wheel next to it ("your computer is thinking").


      Any ideas what is going on here?  Is this a graphics card issue?  Shouldn't SW2013 be MORE responsive than SW2010??


      My system information:

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

      Intel Xeon CPU E31220 @ 3.10GHz (4 cores)

      16 GB RAM

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 440