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Hide/Show in an Animation Not Fading away (Just on & off)

Question asked by Andrew Wylam on Mar 2, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by Jim Boland

Please can somone help or point me in the right direction.


Do you know why I am getting just an on or off it does not fade away in and out in the recorded time line It just switches off no longer on view  at the last key.

Fades in and out on the screen when setting it up. But then in the recording it just switches off at the key


NO fade just ON and off  All the videos i have seen so far show it fading away.    


Tried it with just a simple block in the assembly nothing else start with it visible move the time line down three /four seconds then hide the block it fades away ok  But when I look at it with the play it just ON THEN ITS OFF 








I just had  an e- mail i back from  SolidWorks  suport today (5th March) 



Thanks for providing the RX and other information. This helped me in understanding the issue correctly.


Yes, currently this is a known issue. It has already been reported to development team (SPR 631248: The hidden component did not be hidden gradually when play animation, but hide the component suddenly.) Development team will be working on it as per their priority list.


I am glad that you have already found a workaround to resolve this issue  temporarily till development resolves this issue permanently.


Thanks  everyone  for your help with this thorght it was me at first!