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    Highlighted Orange lines on feature edges

    Tim Thompson

      Hi there

      When I select or hover over a feature with the mouse, (like a loft ) in my tree, it slowly goes through my model selecting / highlighting all edges in orange. Is there an option setting to change this ? I have already disablled Dynamic Highlight.



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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.


          If you've disabled it by going to Tools > Options > System Options > Display/Selection and un-checking the box that says something like "Dynamic highlight from graphics view" then it should be turned off and no longer highlighting before you click.  I'm curious.  Why do you want it off?  I much prefer to have it on because without it I often select something that I hadn't intended to,

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            Marcus Reldin

            Hi Tim,

            There are two places to set the highlight. Did you disable Dynamic highlight under System Options > Feature Manager? Or did you disable "Dynamic highlight from graphics view" under System Options >  Display/Selection.


            In a part, when you move curser in feature manager tree, then the highlight is controlled by System Options > Feature Manager.

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                Kevin Wojtys

                I've been searching for this answer for weeks!


                I had no idea Dynamic Highlight was located in the Feature Manager area as well as the Display/Selection area.


                Now I don't have to waste several minutes, unable to do anything, while every single edge of the moused over feature in the tree regenerates.


                I work with gears and items with many cooling fins. My time and productivity was greatly impacted by this.


                THANK YOU!

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                    Jim Wilkinson

                    Hi Kevin,


                    It is not normal for the highlighting from the graphics area or the FeatureManager tree to take a long time. If you have a properly set up and supported hardware configuration, it should be almost instantaneous. This highlighting makes the software much easier to use if it is working as intended. My guess is you either have a non-supported graphics card, the incorrect driver for the card, or some setting on your card causing the performance issues. If you run SolidWorks Rx from Start, All Programs, SolidWorks <version>, SolidWorks Tools, SolidWorks Rx <version> and go to the Diagnostics page, it will give you information about whether your card is supported or if you have the correct driver and link to a page that gives you more information about supported cards.




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                    Mauricio Jochinsen

                    Best hint ever


                    Life Saver