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Random Routing Library Error

Question asked by Cristian Fustos on Mar 1, 2013

Hello all


After installing SW2013, SP1, I get random errors when I edit the Properties of the files, that says:

"The component type 'Bolt' provided by you differs from the actual component type 'unknown'. To change actual component type please use Routing Library Manager." Also see attached image.


The property that is on the file is Component Type.

The component type 'Component' will vary depending on which file we are in. This error message will appear whenever you go to the properties of a model or drawing and make a change. Once you select OK is when it appears. Doesn't matter what the change is to the properties. We also don't understand the Routing Library Manager since we don't have the Routing add-in.


After opening a ticket with SolidWorks I am told that I need to remove the property from all the files in order to get rid of the error. This property is on all of our components, is also in EPDM and is not an easy task to do this.


Is anyone else having the same problem or do you have any solutions?


Thank you!