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Edrawings Pro Trial, missing features?

Question asked by Stephanie Russell on Mar 1, 2013

Good day all,


I am in the process of testing several software choices, and would like to give all a fair chance.


So far I am not having much luck with this software, and I wonder if there may be features missing in the trial version.


The background is, we need a viewer that can measure per our main customer's needs. They sent me a sample file, which I have a print for, so I can verify my numbers.

I have been trying to get hole diameters, but it will not recognize all of the bores. The ones that it does recognize measure 1.500 in reality, but it tells me they measure 60.236 inches (yes, I looked to make sure it was inches)


Also, if I try to flip the part around to measure something on the back side, it will not pick it up at all.

If I try to use the dimension tab, it will flip the part back to where it was originally.


Did anyone else have these, or similar issues with the trial version?


Thank you in advance for any help!