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    How do I define the Young modulus for a rope?

    Hanne Torkaas

      We have a project where we need to define a gasket, which basically contains approx 52% SiO2 and 47% Al2O3, reinforced with glass wire, and some organic material. This is a twisted rope. We need to figure out the Young modulus depending on compression of the rope.


      All help would be great

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          Per Engberg

          If I understand your question, the gasket is formed as a loop of rope, the rope being made of (twisted) glass fibre? In this case the youngs modulus will be dependent on the direction of the filaments of glass. The stiffness of a rope is very high in tension compared to compression (including transvere pressure). The more the rope is twisted, the more stiff it becomes in bending/compression, but at the same time the youngs modulus in tension is reduced.

          What do you need the modulus for? If it is for a FEM calculation, perhaps you could measure the deformation under controlled circumstances similar to your application and calculate the modulus from this?