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Lost my right click menu

Question asked by Jim Stone on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by Jim Stone

Recently updated to Enterprise 2012 and noticed and item or two missing from the file right click menu. With help from this message board I found out how to add it through the Users>Settings...>Menus in the admin tool. Very good.


Just noticed another item that we'd like to have in the menu (Label...) so I went back into the admin tool to add it. Oddly, there was nothing listed for the File Right Click menu. So I added what we already had in there, plus the Label... command but then the only thing that came up was that short menu, none of the other system commands that were normally there. I hadn't yet noticed the <Non-PDM commands> or <OS Commannds> options, which I think will do it, so I deleted what I had done, hoping to just put things back before I did any more damage.


Now we have no File Right Click menu at all. But worst of all - I can't add anything to it! I can select commands to add and hit the "+" but nothing moves over to the menu list on the right.


Help! Technically, we can survive without the menu for a little while but it's a nuisance not having it available!