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Animations,Path Mate & Hiding the path!!

Question asked by Andrew Wylam on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by Andrew Wylam

SolidWorks Path Mate & hiding the path  

Does anyone know why if you use Motor in Motion Analysis option to move the item and if you hide the path in the drawing area window once you have it all working So you dont see it in the video  you lose the link to the motor (i.e. the animated part stops moving and has lost the link to the motor you can see the arrow moving ok  but the item it was attached to no longer moves. However if you just hide the path in the left hand Tree window it works OK and keeps working you and just undo its gone you have to re do all the mates to get it to work   took a lot of  time to find out why it had stopped working. and undo doe not work they have gone i now keep two copy of the file


It works ok with the other tabs without a motor  


Is it just me doing something wrong or SolidWorks? 


Thanks Andrew