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Time-dependent flat plate simulation, need help please.

Question asked by Bjorn Sorenson on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Bjorn Sorenson

I'm trying to determine how long it will take to heat up a flat plate (roughly 10mm thick, 1/2 meter by 1 meter) to 150°C slowly by convection and need help with the flow simulation setup.


The model is a simple insulated box with the plate floating in the middle (I'll add some kind of support later) and heated air blowing in from one side, out the opposite side.


I ran it as an internal time-dependent analysis, but after half an hour of computational time, I got about .3 seconds of real time (I'm anticipating about an hour of total real time, so this isn't acceptable).  Is there a way to streamline the computation?


Also, will the solver stop when it reaches steady-state?  How do I know the final amount of real-time it took to reach steady-state (can this be accomplished with a goal)?


This is my first attempt at time-dependent analysis, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.