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Not all parts show in assembly

Question asked by Jeff Oyog on Feb 28, 2013
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I have an assembly that has been giving me some problems.  When I open the assembly there are a few parts that do not show up, they are not hidden or transparent, and as a result there are mate errors.  If I try to open the part from the feature manager tree the parts open but they are blank, no features and no view in view pane.  If I close the assembly and open the parts prior to opening the assembly the assembly opens with no missing parts and no errors.  This seems to be happening with one assembly and the missing parts do not show up in sub assemblies as well. 


Has anyone experienced this and if so, what was the fix?


I am running SW 2011 sp5. 


Also,  how do you get ahold of your VAR these days.  It seems like the call in support is also gone.  Makes me wonder why we are paying for the subscription service.


Thanks in advance,