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Can a sketched bend be made to act like an edge flange?

Question asked by Rik Pardun on Feb 28, 2013
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Hi guys,


I have a simple little bracket that am working on and I had originally drawn a flat pattern and then tried to fold it up but I couldn't get it to work as I wanted.  Ultimately I punted and added edge flanges and made it work that way.


The problem, as you can see in the file, the flange on the right (with the tabs bottom towards you) is an edge flange and bent above the bottom of the metal.  This is the desired bend.  The tab on the left was flat drawn and folded with a sketched bend.  As you see it right now, it would be find if I wanted the bend below the bottom of the metal but I want it just like the right side.  If I move the sketch bend up, it will bend the entire pieces.  I haven't figured out a way to manually ad a rip or anything to prevent that. 


This just might not be possible and I am trying to get the tool to do something it was never intended to do but if there is a way to do it, could someone point me to the solution?


Thanks in advance.