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Rotation without translation boundary condition ?

Question asked by Toni Pintar on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by Bill McEachern

I am relativley new to solidworks simulation so maybe I am asking something quite obvious but any help would be appreciated. The model I am working on can be seen in attached image. I am trying to do a linear analysis, taking into account uneven supports.


Load is continious, but indicated with one arrow for direction only


On the left side no translation is allowed, and rotation is allowed only about support axis (hinge)


Right side should alow translation along longer axis of constructin, allow rotation about support axis, and additionaly should account for "a" degrees torsional deflection.



The problem I come up with is when I set up a constraint I cannot have the support and torsional deflection at the same time. I can set up deflection angle, but I have to allow translation therby loosing support from that side of construction.


Any help in the right direction would be helpful.