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    issues with simulating torque, help please

    Reno Simpson

      Hi, I have been trying to do what I thought would be a simple motion stud.  I have a axial the will lift the "bin"(3000 lbs)  and a sprocket/ with a diameter of 6", I apply the motor to the sprocket outside surface and set it to rotate 150 degrees in 10sec.    Is solid works even capable of calculating the torque needed on the sprocket to pivot the 3000 lb bin?  My goal is to find the optimal size sprocket or change the attachment point on the frame that will hold the bin.  Thank you for your help   P.S. I have SW08.  

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          Anthony Botting

          It should work. You will need to obtain the results on the motor, and one of them is the torque graph as a function of time. Look in the results folder item (try right-clicking on items), or right click on the motor item in the motion manager tree and it should list options for results (note: the "Full Motion" package needs to be turned-on through the "Add-ins" menu to access these items). i am unsure how the interface appears in SW08, so it may be a bit of a search for the results menu. Hope that helps.