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    Need sweep examples in machine and product design

      Hello SW community,


      In order for us to improve the quality of our SW sweep, I would like to ask any of you who have examples of products, both machine and/or consumer product, medical etc. which use a sweep feature along a 3D path. If you do, can you please contact me at mark.biasotti@3ds.com with the email subject title "3D sweep example" and I will send you an NDA (to protect you and your company's IP - this is strictly used internal to SW) as well as an ftp site to upload your part.


      Don't forget, that if you use parting line feature "Lip and Groove" this can also qualify as a 3D sweep.


      Thank you and very much appreciated.



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          M. B.



          Here is a part with sweep features that I hope gets fixed.  3 similar but different helical sweeps and 3 different results (red, green, yellow).


          * Which is the most accurate???
          * Need better control of helix parameters
          * Need better control of thread retraction helix to match actual machining/molding form
          * Need better speed and stability, some helix sweep features with a high number of turns take too long or never regenerate
          * Resulting sweeped feature needs to be accurate and predictable - currently they are not


          The sample part file I uploaded is not proprietary so use it as needed or if you prefer I can attach it to email.  I'd be interested if anyone has any different methods for creating helical features that don't slow down the part file to a crawl.