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    Stress components parallel and perpendicular to weld lines?

    Ryan McGuinness



      I'm trying to answer a question for a colleague.  He is trying to output the principal stress vectors along a weld.  From there they want to break the P1/2/3 stresses into XYZ components to see the stresses along the weld and perpendicular to the weld to attempt to predict failure.


      I can not figure out how to get principal stress vectors.  All I see are values and the node location but not a unit vector to indicate direction of the stress.  Is this possible with SW?  More generally, is there a better way to predict failure at the weld?


      Also, is there any way to output P1 P2 and P3 at a given node (MAX P1 location for example) or all nodes in one list.  It seems I have to output 3 separate lists and then combine them myself in excel.


      Ryan M.

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          Jared Conway

          on your first question, i think that came up in a conversation we had with one of our customers. unfortunately i don't think it is possible. there is an enhancement requests out there for it:



          Ability to display (list) the vector/stress component information for principal stresses



          If you enable vectors in the advanced options, you can see the vectors and relative magnitude and direction but you can't output the components.


          Regarding your last question, I think you can only output one at a time. If you want a specific node, you need to use the probe tool. Since you have to output multiple parameters are the same location, save it as a sensor first so you get the same location each time.


          Regarding your more general question about predicting failure at the weld. What methods would you use if you did manual calculations? Have you checked out the weld connector? http://help.solidworks.com/2013/English/solidworks/cworks/hidd_edge_weld_connector.htm Depending on your methods and your geometry, it might be helpful. (Note, you will need Sim Pro if you don't have it already)