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Completeness of assemblies

Question asked by Robert Hunt on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by Robert Hunt

There's a push in our company from some higher ups to have 100% accurate assemblies.  The idea is that everything that is on the finished BOM (including all cables, tape, adhesive, AND reference documents) needs to be, at the least, shown in the feature tree of our Solidworks assemblies.  One of the VPs insists that this is standard practice and that our Solidworks' VAR essentially told him this was the case.  The idea is that someone (presumably outside of engineering) could open a Solidworks assembly and "push a button" to get an accurate BOM. 


Currently our assemblies contain only the models that are needed for the design and to produce basic assembly documentation.  We don't model cables and miscellaneous assembly materials nor do we include empty models of reference documents.  I'm not even sure how we would go about controlling all of the various reference parts and assembly material models using PDMWorks without it becoming a mess.  Nevermind the fact that we actually have a completely different system for creating and managing BOMs and part numbers.


Anyway, is it standard practice to model everything and if so, how do you control it?