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Setting up a connector housing that uses crimped on pins...

Question asked by Patty Kniss on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by Patty Kniss

I am very new to electrical routing, and am trying to set up our library of components.  I am looking for the best way to set up a crimp-on terminal, Tyco PN 794956-1, and the housing it is inserted into, Tyco PN series 158601.  The wire is crimped on the terminal, so I have a Connection Point on it to start the route.  What do I need to do to the Housing to make sure it will be part of the route assembly?  Do I make an assembly of the Housing and Pins?  Then, what if I don't use all of the pins?  Can I have a CPoint on an assembly if I tried this?

Looking for any tried and true solutions, so I don't have to use the trial and error method.