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    Automatically update Word document on transition

    Joy Garon

      Hi All,


      In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to let you know how we solved our problem.

      Awhile ago I asked if anyone had a utility that would open and save a Word document when doing a transition.

      The key reason is that we write our revisions into the footer of our Word documents and since the revision is created in the transition..... well, you get the idea.


      We have solved this issue by doing the following:

      1. embed the following macro in our Word template (it updates all fields and quickparts when opening the document)
        • For more information google 'using fields in Word' and 'using quickparts in Word'
      2. use the OpenWord EPDM add-in from  equivaQ Software, LLC. ( http://equivaq.com/Home.html )


      The word macro is simple (you can google it to find variations) - the one I use is:


      Sub AutoOpen()

           Dim oStory As Range

           Dim oField As Field

                For Each oStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges

                     For Each oField In oStory.Fields


                     Next oField

           Next oStory

      End Sub


      I can definitely recommend equivaQ Software for your add-in needs.