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Flowsim Help: Typical Issue with surface body and geometry

Question asked by Karim Alame on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by Karim Alame

Hi everyone,

I hope I'm not repeating the same issue everyone has been asking but here it goes. I looked around and saw people asking about flowsim and surfaces and I noticed that the solution to that would either knit the surfaces or add thickness such as shelling or so. I'm trying to run a 3D simulation(Ihave already done the 2D for this body). So it meshes fine but once I hit run it gives me this error :

"There is no fluid volume in the project. Please check geometry or boundary conditions."


This is an external flow obviously and I'm following the typical tutorial presented on flow over a sphere in 3D which doesn't specify boundary conditions. Also my global goals are set for force in y-direction along with the velocities in both directions.

Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance!