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    EPDM and Content Seaching on Solid Works Drawings

    Michael Worthylake



      What is the Best Practices procedure so that content searching will work on a Windows 2003 R2 environement


      Two Servers

      One running SQL 2005 SP2

      One running the Archive Server Service

      The Archive Server has a client installation for E- Drawings

      The Sql Server installation has a Client installation of Solid Works 9 for ifilter capability

      The indexing is setup on the SQL server and has an established Consio_(GUID)

      The account alllowing for indexing is in this format DOMAIN\AccountName

      The SQL Server is running the Database Server service under a local account


      I can not get Content Search to work on the Archive Server


      Any ideas on where to go for the best installation document?


      Thank you