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    graphics card upgrade?

    Dave Krum

      Hey Guys,

      Fairly new to this forum.  I have Solidworks here at work as well as the copy installed on PC at home for practice.  On my PC at home, I bought a cheap Radeon GT card and stuck it in.  Its a 2gb but I've noticed that although the graphics look smooth on simple parts, the 2gb is not sufficient to run the RealView (option is grayed out / not available).  I'm considering returning this card to Staples (only paid $60 on clearance) and upgrading to either the Firepro v4900, v4800, or v5800 (preferable choice).  Is there a drastic difference going from a v4900 to a v5800?  I can get a v4800 or v49000 for about $160 on newegg or get a used v5800 on ebay for $170.  I have 6gb ram in my PC if that matters.  I see all 3 are recommended for Solidworks.  I'm running SW2010.  I'm on a budget so I'm not looking to spend alot, just the best bang for the buck.  I want something good that will run RealView.  Thanks for any input.