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    Models are not saving correctly, and are unable to rebuild...

    David Ulicne

      I am new to SolidWorks in general. I have used Autodesk for the past 5 years since Highschool & college. My new job requires me to use Solidwoks, and it's difficult for me to convey the process that SolidWorks uses to create models. It is similar AutoDesk and at the same time, it is so much different. If you have to use complete "..for Dummies" terminology, I won't be offended.


      To the Point* Problem: 1


      I have been creating models as you should, sketch, extrude, create from planes, etc. Although, some of the drawings I work on are very complex, the assemblies consisting of under 10 parts, are for the most part, "Disappearing". I go to open a file I was working on previously yesterday and the file is there, but the model has dissappeared. This has happened to me twice already and I had to completely remodel multiple parts from scratch. A good few hours on each makes you realize that something is not right.


      An error usally occurs saying that the model is unable to rebuild due to missing constraints/planes/or references. Usually this happens when I have them in an assembly. We have converted to 2013 from 2012 software, in the time that I started and I don't want this problem to continue. I am unsure if I'm constraining these incorrectly or this software does not like me one bit. I make sure that there are no errors/warnings with my sketches/models, and once the assembly was near finished, I save.. then this happens..


      Problem #1:On the "Feature Manager Design Tree" (file that is Saved with around 500KB) is consisting of everything that you would originally have (origin, Top plane, Front Plane, Right Plane) and a couple Planes I created, but no sketches are there, Extrusions, Chamfers, or models. Just a blank page. I am assuming that I am saving these inccorrectly, although what doesn't make sense to me, is that if I trace the folder's location from 'my computer', the file shows that it has been saved to the current date & time.


      Another Mis-happ*


      I have another assembly(type=SolidWorks Application), similar construction and constraints. When I go to open the file, it shows all 5-parts except one. And that one part that doesn't show, is visiblie for half a second when I open the file, but then suppresses and dissappears. I go to unseppress the file and load the correct file, and I can't find it anywhere. (assumption = deleted file). Does the software just recognize the image of the missing part and flashes it for a moment or does it acutally have a location where I can find the "deleted/missing part"?


      Any tips, hints, help?


      P.S. we run out files through a Network, and I've been trying to keep up with placing the correct files in the network: from my desktop

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          Jerry Steiger



          I had a little trouble following your problems. I've never heard of anyone having this type of problems. I'll try and explain some of the stuff that I might be able to help on.


          You are probably correct about the part that shows up as the assembly first opens but then disappears and shows as suppressed in the assembly feature tree. SolidWorks saves an image of the parts and assemblies when you save the files. It is that image that you see when the assembly is loading. Once the assembly is completely loaded, SolidWorks generates a new image to work with. If one of the parts has gone missing, it will not appear in the new image and will show suppressed in the assembly feature tree.


          I would check for error messages that you might have dismissed, telling them not to show up again. In the older versions look in Tools/Options/System Options/Advanced. In the newer versions "Advanced" has some other name, but I think it is still located at the bottom or very near the bottom of the System Options. There may be some dismissed error messages that will give you a clue as to what is happening. Check those that seem likely and see if those messages help in the future.


          Are you doing top-down modeling in the assemblies, where you build the parts in the context of an assembly, using other parts in the assembly to define features in the part you are making? If you do this kind of work and are sloppy about how you rename assemblies some of your parts could go out of context. But you usually end up with broken features with errors, not with completely missing features, so I don't understand what you are doing that could produce the symptoms you are seeing. The only thing I can think of is that you save the parts in one location with just a few features, then save them in another location after adding more features. If you then close them out and open them from the original location, you will have only the early features. But this requires that the SW assembly think that the files are in the original location. It also requires that you save the files in different locations, which doesn't make much sense.


          You might try searching for files with the same name as your failing parts. Perhaps the "good" ones are living somewhere other than where you think they are. You can find where the files in the assembly are coming from by clicking File/Find References.


          Look at Tools/Options/System Options/External References and see if "Search file locations for external references" is checked. If it is, go to Tools/Options/System Options/File Locations and then click the down pointing triangle in the box under "Show folders for:" and select "Referenced Documents". The top folder there is the first one that SW will be looking in for your parts when you open an assembly. If it can't find them there, or it isn't told to look there, it will go through an elaborate procedure that I can never remember, except that it will use any file with that name that is already open and then try in the folder the assembly is in.


          Jerry S.